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Our Standards Of Case Making & Packing

Case Construction

The standard of cases constructed by MEP Freight Services Ltd is of a high quality of workmanship.  The minimum standard of construction and packing is to the British Standard ‘BS1133’. Appropriate timber for the country of destination is always used.  

  • For sheathing cases, we use 22mm and 25mm, whichever is most appropriate to the size and weight of the item to be packed.

  • The base of the case, to allow for forklift entry, may be a ‘standard base’ being 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) or a ‘machine base’ being 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”) or150mm x 75mm (6” x 3”) timbers.  Again the type and size used depending on the weight and standards specified in ‘BS1133’.

  • Cases could also be lifted by slings if they are of a suitable size, without damage to the case of contents.  Lifting plates being used if appropriate.

  • For smaller, lightweight consignments possibly including transportation by airfreight, a full timber case can be used, or we would use 9mm plywood with battens and an appropriate base.


Freight Forwarding By Air, Sea Or Land

The above information is a general indication of the standard of our packing.  We use the British Standards ‘BS1133’ as a minimum specification and increase our standard of packing to the standard required to ensure safe transit to ANY  destination.

Waterproofing & Lining Cases

  • Timber cases are lined with Polythene or Kraft Union Paper whichever is appropriate to the Country of destination, avoiding any possible ‘sweating’ or ‘condensation’ occurring.  Desiccant would be used where appropriate.  If necessary heat sealable, vacuum foil bags would be used.

  • All cases are constructed such that they are suitable for multiple handling.  Items within  the case will be secured to prevent movement and damage during transit and handling, with suitable cushioning/packing where necessary.

  • Packing shall provide protection, robustness, ease of handling and relative ease of unpacking, while ensuring security of the contents against pilferage during transit.

  • All cases would be marked with the full quantity of appropriate shipping and handling marks.

High standard case construction services

Shipping crates, ready to be shipped A large series of crates on a flat bed trailer A large crate, ready to be transported.